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"Artifical Inteligent in Goviyoo"


The advanced technology used within the pipelines of our greenhouses has the potential to make the process of agriculture more efficient in terms of yields and product quality. This helps prevent the issue of nutrition insecurity.

As everyone’s environment is different, the use of drone technology can allow us to assess your individual space and customize a farming design to cater to your specific needs. Our food produces seek innovation to help beat climate concerns and natural restraints. These new practices and tools can contribute to a healthy, sustainable world.
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Floating Greenhouse

The floating greenhouse was developed for use in areas allocated for water retention, hereby giving these areas a multifunctional use.

  • Creative space-saving

With the ever-increasing costs for land in and around cities, it is more important than ever to look at urban development with a creative space-saving approach. That is the reason why the Goviyoo R&D team is developing an Eco barge with a greenhouse. This multifunctional floating greenhouse generates clean power and is used to grow organic food.


  • Urban farming

People can get acquainted with vertical gardening, special types of irrigation systems and alternative ways to grow organic food in urban areas where there is usually limited space


  • Sustainable farming

Solar panels generate energy and there is an efficient irrigation system that purifies reused water to water the plants. This allows the boat to emit no greenhouse gases and provide fruits, vegetables, and plants.

Floting House.png

IOT Smart greenhouse system

Most vegetables and fruits that we consume in our daily lives are tropic or sub-tropic plants. Meaning, to grow them effectively, they need a 25-35°C and 70-100% air humidity. Nevertheless, the fact is many countries in the world have such weather only for one or two weeks a year. Moreover, where such conditions are available, they are not accessible consistently. That’s why getting the best plant growth, and desired quality and quantity are some of the significant challenges.

What if, just by enabling your greenhouse with IoT, you can maintain optimal growth conditions and keep plants healthy. Our Smart Greenhouse is one such solution powered by AI and ML technologies, creating an ideal greenhouse automation system.


Customize crop monitoring system using drones

Walking through fields to inspect crop health is time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. Drones will become handy for a problem like this. Drones allow farmers to constantly monitor crop and livestock conditions by air to quickly find problems that would not become apparent in ground-level spot checks. NDVI or Normalized Difference Vegetation Index is the latest technology to monitor crop health using drones. Farmers can save a lot of time and effort in assessing crop health when they merely have to fly a drone along an automated path over their whole farm.


Garden/farm smart irrigation system

Smart irrigation system introduces applying water to crops at optimal intervals and quantities automatically based on factors like seasonal temperatures, seasonal light levels, crop development stages and dry down levels etc.

Drip irrigation method has benefits of higher efficiency and accuracy over sprinkler irrigation and sub-surface irrigation methods and can be implemented as a sustainable closed loop system too. Smart irrigation system will be further improved with AI and IOT capabilities to identify crop types and its stages and optimize the system based on past data and records.


Smart organic fertilizing, pesticide and insecticides system

This system is under a subsystem of a smart irrigation system. In the present day normally people use chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides. It drives to the harmful effect on the users as well as animals helps to increase productivity due to the high chemical usage the immune system of humans got affected. As an example, we can see this Covid –19 situation people who got easily recovered are having a good immune system. Having Organic foods helps us in a large scale. Some people think that without using chemicals it reduces the harvest but it's just a myth because researches shows that it can get more harvest than using chemicals with the help of lives in the soil. As an example, ‘Azadirachtin’ is a chemical that is used as a pesticide, but Neem seeds and leaves are natural sources of that chemical.  As per all the above details, we are going to implement a smart system integration with organic fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides which can be controlled automatically with adding changes through your smartphone. For easy of the users we have decided to integrate a venturi jet mixer for this system .so you only need to connect the above bottles to the system.  

Mixing Chamber.png