The use of conventional farming techniques alone is not sufficient to tackle the increasing global food crisis. Farmers require to adjust their routines in order to benefit their economy as well as to increase productivity to raise the supply. With the increasing demand for higher crop yield, utilizing new technology into agriculture is vital. The productivity of farming is increased by precision agriculture.

Precision Agriculture is the process of real time data monitory and instant response to better the growing cycle of plants. Data such as the soil fertility, moisture content, weed growth, pest control and ventilation are collected through the use of sensors fixed or mobile and response solutions are applied in real time. This process continuously works for the betterment of the plantation driving it to productivity with the result of gaining a very high percentage of plantation to crop in a short period of time.

Therefore, it can be summarized that the global food crisis can be addressed through utilizing technology into farming which increased productivity. Moreover, home gardening is another powerful method to address the food shortage. When the farming process is switched to organic farming, the result will have a positive impact on the farmer, consumer and the surrounding Eco system.

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