Growing your food at home is steadily becoming a trend as a positive effect from the COVID-19. The western province of Sri Lanka has a high density in population. The space to grow at home is limited with housing systems designed to accommodate more people by occupying a relatively small space. The extremely busy lifestyle the modern society is engaging in is also a challenge to successful home gardening. In addition, the issues arising from weed, pests and rodents are another aspect why home gardening is less popular within communities where time is limited to be spent in the garden controlling. As a solution these obstacles, the smart greenhouse system introduced by GOVIYOO can be utilized.

Agriculture is not only an occupation, but it is a way of life. It controls the supply of food as well as the provision of raw materials for other industries such as textiles, sugar, jute and vegetable-based oil production etc. However, the majority of the commercially grown crops are farmed using chemical fertilizers and chemically manufactured pesticides which are simply poison. Usage of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides are not only unhealthy for the consumer, but it is also hazardous to the farmers. As per the records from the year 2012 from the ministry of health in Sri Lanka, the north central province alone had 15% of its population affected from a deadly kidney disease. Similar reports of such kidney disease was initially reported 20 years ago from the time. With the number of cases tend to increase and had only limited to the agriculturally rich province of north central, the world health organization alongside the Sri Lankan health ministry had launched an investigation and have discovered that the source for the chronic kidney condition is none other than cadmium and arsenic, two very toxic metals found in chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides entering the blood stream of the farmers. In addition, prolong consumption of food grown with the application of toxic fertilizer and pesticides increase the risk of certain types of cancer, risk of heart disease and risk of poor liver and kidney function. In simpler terms, consuming toxic food continuously results in vital organ failure. Furthermore, artificial additives in farming reduces the nutrient contents in crops such as its naturally found vitamin content, mineral content, antioxidants and essential fatty acid contents.

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