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FineFinish Engineering employs the use of its 4 Axis CNC milling machine for detailed milling work that requires a great deal of accuracy. CNC 4 Axis milling can involve, either, one of the following options: 4 axis simultaneous interpolation which is, also, referred to as true 4th axis; or 4th axis positioning — a scenario in which the 4th axis can reposition the part being worked on between 3 axis operations, while remaining stationary during the process of machining

Our 4 Axis CNC milling operation is handled by expert programmers and machinists with many years of experience. They harness the full capabilities of the superior technology in operation to offer you parts and components displaying the highest precision industry-wide.

Our CNC lathe machining capabilities are renowned due to the tight tolerances and high precision we are able to repeatedly offer for your complex component requirements. Our CNC lathing effort is manned by CNC programmers and machinists who operate on parts with great dexterity.

Our CNC lathe machines possess CAD and CAM software system capabilities, and are able to handle diameters of up to 16”. The accuracy and consistency of FineFinish Engineering’s CNC lathing operation is direct result of combining superior technology and machinery with the most skilled professionals islandwide.


Our promise to you at FineFinish Engineering is the very best CNC machining industry-wide, for your specific component requirements. By placing superior machinery in the hands of our expert programmers and machinists, we are able to manufacture components to the strictest tolerances and the greatest precision, regardless of the industry the part is required for. Furthermore, FineFinish Engineering’s CNC machining expertise, plus the state-of-the-art technology as well as machinery we wield, allow us to build custom parts according to the exact specifications you require.

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