Goviyoo GreenHouse Small Scale

Garden GreenHouse

#Suitable for every garden

Our garden greenhouses are larger support systems to keep your food fresh and healthy. These greenhouses are meant to be kept outdoors in order for you to grow as many resources as possible. Garden beds and plant shelves are included to aid in cultivating numerous plants and crops. A ventilation system is also utilized to ensure that your crops will prosper despite any weather condition outside.

Covering material: UV resist polythene film, polycarbonate sheet
(price changes when material select)
Special notes
Optional addons: drip irrigation system, garden beds, plant shelves
Features :
Garden greenhouse to support gardeners to increase their yield
Small and easy to build
Sliding door mechanism
Ventilation system for temperature control
Durability (GI pipe structure)
Treated for UV
Has extension kits available for growth

Sizes: L x W x H

8ft x 7ft x 7ft

9ft x 8ft x 7ft

10ft x 10ft x 9ft