Sizes ft.

(L x W x H)


Gable Roof

FG-1M GABLE TYPE ROOF: The GABLE type roof in FG-1M enables to optimize the maximum utilisation of the balcony greenhouse concept.

Model: FG-1M

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Model: FG-1S

Sizes ft.

(L x W x H)


Shed Roof

FG-1S SHED TYPE ROOF: FG-1S is designed to be placed in locations where space is at the lowest for a greenhouse having a SHED type roof increases the appearance while the space consumption is made optimal.

The Balcony Greenhouse (Model: FG-1) is a unique innovation developed by GOVIYOO and
made in Sri Lanka by integrating new technology to accommodate greenhouse gardening in compact spaces and it is available for pre-ordering. The lightweight yet durable structure is combined with a UV protected transparent film and the high accessible opening can also be converted to as a ventilation intake. The introductory balcony greenhouse models developed by GOVIYOO are FG-1M and FG-1S.
In addition to the introductory models, you can customize your own balcony greenhouse
based on FG-1M and FG-1S models with varying dimensions to suit your requirement. As add-ons to the standard FG-1 models and its customized structural variants we offer you the following,

1. Rack System to Increase the Levels of Planting
2. Integrated Manual Irrigation System
3. Integrated Hydroponics System

Pre-Order your very own balcony greenhouse and experience the pleasure in growing your own food at home.

Attractive and efficient storing spaces for your organic goods!

Illustrated are the standard designs 
These greenhouses can be customized to meet your requests and standard
​Optional addons: Garden Racks, Garden Beds
Features: small and easy to build
Easy to handle
Optional addons: Drip irrigation system, Hydroponic System​​
The ventilation system included
Covering material: polycarbonate sheet only
Special requirements: on Demand
​Features: small and easy to build
High durability (including steel structure and polycarbonate sheets)